Membership Guidelines


Membership is open to currently practicing or retired registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical/vocational nurses (LPNs/LVNs), and nursing students who express commitment to the philosophy of KYANNA and NBNA.

 Persons who meet the qualifications may become members of KYANNA after the membership application has been reviewed and approved by the KYANNA Membership Committee and submitted to NBNA Headquarters along with all application dues and/or fees.

A member shall become inactive when annual dues to KYANNA and/or NBNA become delinquent. Inactive members shall lose voting rights and all other privileges of membership. Reinstatement to active status may occur upon submission of application and payment of dues owed to KYANNA and NBNA.


Benefits of Membership

Membership is in both KYANNA BNA and the National Black Nurses Association and entitles the individual to:

·       Mentoring and leadership opportunities in health care


·       Chapter and national student support and scholarships

·       Professional recognition through local and NBNA Awards Programs


·       Local and national conferences, including continuing education contact hours


 ·      Career counseling and job search assistance


 ·      Subscription to Journal of the National Black Nurses Association, The NBNA  News,   and KYANNA BNA News


        ·      Networking with African American nurses locally and around world


         ·     A unified voice for the profession of nursing in Kentucky and in partnerships with                      local, state, national and federal organizations


* Member only group is available on Facebook where KYANNA members network and various local and national employment and scholarship opportunities are advertised.


  Membership fees for 2018

                           UPDATING THIS SECTION SOON

*** The STUDENT DUES have been reduced for 2018 to $65.00

                                 ($50 for national and $15 for local dues)

**LIFETIME may be paid in $500.00 installments four [4] times in one [1] year**  

             RETIRED Membership for 2018 is 112.50 (National Fee)

 Pay your dues online with PayPal  
^ There is a 2% service fee with each transaction.